Please contact your managing agent at our HOA property management company to discuss architectural process. Alternately, you could go to and login to your HOA’s home page. Click on “documents” to review and download an architectural request form. Submit your form to your managing agent of the HOA company for board committee approval.

Any approval by the Architectural Review Committee is subject to the provisions of all applicable recorded covenants. Approval by the Architectural Review Committee does not constitute a building permit or otherwise indicate a homeowner has complied with applicable governmental requirements. Homeowners and builders are responsible for complying with all such governmental requirements, including city permit requirements. No action taken by the Architectural Review Committee (or any member or agent of the committee) entitles any person to rely on that action with respect to compliance with governmental requirements, or with respect to the physical or other condition of any lot or improvement on the lot.

You should also note that compliance with the various governmental requirements does not constitute approval by the Architectural Review Committee.