3 Most Common Complaints About HOA Managers

HOA management companies play an important part in the daily lives of thousands of citizens of Fort Collins, even if the homeowners don’t realize it. Behind the scenes, HOA managers are making sure that people stay up to code and that legalities are adhered to.

It’s only when something goes wrong that people have direct contact with an HOA manager. This means that, despite the positive effects we so often have, people often have a negative view of HOA management.

Of course, not all HOA management companies are equal. There are some out there that receive negative reviews — and rightly so — for many reasons. Let’s take a look at the most common complaints about HOA managers and what Faith Property Management does to avoid these complaints.

Delays In Responding

The Problem: People often complain that HOA property managers are slow to respond, or simply don’t respond at all.

How Faith Property Management Deals With It: We know that every problem that comes our way is important to a particular resident. We also know that every resident wants to be heard and have their problem acknowledged. Even if we can’t get to a particular repair right away, we’re not going to ignore it. We’ll make sure that every request is acknowledged and do our best to give an accurate estimate as to when it will be fixed or addressed.

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Delays In Repairs

The Problem: Even after the HOA manager responds, many homeowners complain that the delays for fixes simply take far too long.

How Faith Property Management Deals With It: It’s a simple solution, really: take care of repairs in a timely manner. We have an in-house maintenance team that can handle repairs, so we’re able to schedule them ourselves and don’t have to wait for an outside vendor to respond in most circumstance.

That doesn’t mean that every repair can be taken care of within the hour. A gushing sprinkler system in a different neighborhood might take precedence over a smaller problem elsewhere. But we will get to the reported problems in good time.

Being Disrespectful

The Problem: Residents working with an HOA property management company complain that they are treated disrespectfully or dismissively.

How Faith Property Management Deals With It: There’s no doubt that working as an HOA manager can be stressful. After all, most of our day is spent dealing with negative situations.

But at Faith Property Management, we always keep one thing in mind: who we work for. The homeowners and the HOA is our employer, so it’s important that we always treat everyone involved with the utmost respect.

Faith Property Management Listens!

What it comes down to is listening. When we listen, we are taking the first step toward ensuring that the problem will be solved. We’ll be respectful of everyone we talk to or correspond with in any way, and we’ll get to repairs and problems in the best possible time.

If your HOA is in need of association management services, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Faith Property Management today!