There’s a very good reason why so many HOAs in Fort Collins and the surrounding area come to us looking for HOA management: they’re a lot of work, and nobody else wants to deal with the problems!

That’s where our HOA company comes in. Running an HOA is a big deal, whether the neighborhood in question has 20 houses or 200. The community association management division of Faith Property Management offers three tiers of HOA oversight: HOA Governance, HOA Management, and HOA Fiscal Management. In this way, the association can decide just which tasks they’ll continue to deal with and which ones they will pass to us. Let’s take a look at some of the most common services we can provide.

HOA Governance

The simplest form of our HOA services is governance. This provides many of the services that HOAs are looking for without giving more control than they’re comfortable with. It’s a way for us to be the “bad guys,” a role we have no problems accepting!

What happens when someone wants to paint their house pink and purple? We’ll handle the architectural control committee (ACC) or architectural review committee (ARC) requests and let them know that the request is not approved. Have they been parking their boat in the rocks on the side of their house? We can be the bad guys and let them know just how long they have to move it, per the covenants. We’ll also let the HOA board know when violations have occurred, whether we received a complaint about a property or the violation was noticed during one of our monthly inspections.

Finally, we’ll also schedule board meetings and let the necessary people know when they are and where they will be held. HOA governance is an excellent way to deal with the most basic tasks that homeowners don’t want to handle.

HOA Management

HOA management takes it one step further and lets us deal with bigger problems that can occur, as well as ensuring that all HOA inquiries and tasks run more smoothly. Yes, we’ll still do monthly neighborhood inspections, but you can also expect more services such as website access to association documents, lender questionnaire processing, and status letter processing.

We also handle services and work with vendors to keep the common spaces in the best possible condition. This includes coordination of vendors and subcontractors and responding to service requests, up to and including 24/7 emergency services. We also have an in-house maintenance team that can be part of the equation.

HOA Fiscal Management

One of the most common tasks that HOA boards don’t mind giving up is HOA fiscal management. Not only does it prevent an unscrupulous volunteer homeowner from cooking the books, but it also ensures that everything is done properly from a legal and financial standpoint.

As experts in community association management we can accept payments (both paper and electronic), provide monthly financial reporting, deal with late-fees and other delinquency problems, and provide 1099 filing and tax return processing.

Our HOA Company Is Here To Help!

If you’ve looked at any of our services and thought “our HOA would certainly like someone else to handle that,” give us a call! We’d love to speak with you about how we can make your lives easier.