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We’d like to thank you for stopping by Faith Property Management’s new and improved website. We’re here to make living in Fort Collins even better than it already is via expert property management and HOA management.

Faith Property Management works with people throughout Fort Collins every day to help them with their property needs, and we bet we’ll be able to help you. Let’s take a look at the different services we offer to people here in Northern Colorado.

Community Association/HOA Management

Nearly every new house that goes up on the Front Range is a part of an HOA. The sheer number of new neighborhoods means that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of new HOAs that have been formed over the last two decades.

While some communities have HOA members who are more than willing to form a board and deal with the money in/money out (including HOA rule enforcement), most HOAs are happy to pass the daily tasks of HOA management over to a community association management company like Faith Property Management. After all, an HOA that isn’t being taken care of isn’t helping anyone.

Our management company can keep the HOA running smoothly and make sure that its rules are being adhered to. In fact, we offer different levels of service.

  • HOA Governance includes running board meetings, processing ARC and ACC requests, inspecting the neighborhood for violations, reporting violations, and providing notice to offenders.
  • HOA Management includes neighborhood inspections, website access to HOA documents, status letter and lender questionnaire processing, vendor management and coordination, emergency services, and more.
  • HOA Fiscal Management includes homeowner payment processing via check or online payments, financial reports, collection, assessment demand letters, delinquency monitoring, and more.

Discover What Our Community Management Can Do For Your HOAPrivate Rental Management

With property values continuing to rise here in Fort Collins, it’s no wonder that more and more people are deciding to buy a rental property or keep their first home as they move on to their next. But most people don’t want the 24/7/365 problems associated with being a landlord, and that’s where our property management comes in. As property managers, we can determine the right price to rent your building for, market it to potential renters, show the property, and deal with the leasing paperwork. We’ll also collect rent and deal with maintenance problems as they arise.

Vacation Home Management

Colorado is a great place to be, but not everyone is here all the time. Some people have their vacation home here and want to make some money off of it during the time when they’re not around. Much like other property management, we can handle your property while you’re away. Because you’ll want to return in less than a year, finding the right person to rent for such a short time can be tricky. Faith Property Management can make it happen.

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