Because a typical homeowner-run HOA often has problems getting people in the association to do what they want, they often hire a homeowners association management company like Faith Property Management in order to make sure the covenants are being adhered to. In a recent blog, we discussed three of the most common problems that HOA management services deal with when it comes to people breaking those covenants. For instance, we will let homeowners know whether or not their home business is in compliance, or if their vehicles are properly stored. Of course, one of the most important aspects of our HOA property management company is collecting the HOA fees, something we’re very good at.

Of course, those aren’t the only problems we deal with as an HOA property management company. Let’s take a look at three more common problems that an HOA management company can take care of.


Landscaping can play a huge part in affecting property values, but the person with the worst lawn seldom seems to be the one to care (mostly because they’re staying put and aren’t selling anytime soon). They might have overgrown grass, but not so overgrown that the city can do anything about it. They might have dead limbs in the tree (or a dead tree!) that they simply don’t seem to care about, even though that’s against covenants. These can be difficult things for neighbors to talk about. After all, most people don’t want to start a conversation with “so, I see you enjoy tanking my property value by letting your lawn die.” Luckily, with the help of HOA management services, they don’t have to have that conversation.

But what about green spaces and parks that are part of the HOA? No problem. Our community association management service has the ability to take care of those spaces so that they remain up-to-covenant code. We’ll handle the mowing and the trimming of the trees, and find a specialist for any particular problems that arise. And speaking of the green space…


Something’s always going wrong with sprinklers! Sometimes it’s the control box, but more often than anything else there’s a head that’s broken (or been broken) that is gushing water all over the sidewalk or eroding the dirt.

As your association management company, we’re on it! We know that you don’t want to waste water, because it’s not environmentally friendly to do so and it costs your HOA money. We’ll get out there and replace the broken part so that everything is back to normal.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are, in general, pretty ugly (unless you’re using Garbage Pantz, of course). Most people don’t want them left out for too long, and with good reason. But other homeowners just like to push back against the covenants and leave them out for too long, or store them in front of their fences. We can keep an eye on trash can usage so that the neighborhood looks as nice as possible.

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