If you have a rental property, you might be considering utilizing the services of a Fort Collins property management company. After all, real estate is a good investment, especially around here. It’s very enticing to see your property value rise while someone else pays the mortgage.

But you might also be thinking to yourself “maybe I can take care of my rental management on my own. How hard can it be to find tenants and collect rent and deal with all of the problems associated with owning a second house and wait, maybe I should rethink this.” We agree, you should rethink it! Not only because we want your business as a real estate property management company, but because it can be a win-win-win for everyone involved: you, us, and the renter. Here’s are a few ways in which working with us in rental property management can actually make/save you money.

We’ll Help Set An Accurate Price

Over the past 10 years, rents in Fort Collins have been going through the roof. Rents in many apartments have doubled in that amount of time, and the price of rental homes have gone up considerably as well.

While you might know that prices have gone up, do you know just how much? When it comes to how much to charge for rent, will you be shorting yourself because of your cursory online research? You don’t want to leave money on the table, so let us do the research for you to find out just how much you can get for your house every month. This step alone could pay for the fees associated with using a Fort Collins property management company like us.

We’ll Find You Tenants

What’s the most important part of renting out a house? Finding tenants! After all, if you don’t have tenants, your house is just sitting there costing you money in mortgage and taxes.

How quickly can you find tenants? It probably won’t take you too long, but it could take a month to find them, vet them, and get them to sign the contract. And what if they can’t move in right away? Wouldn’t you rather have people who can move in immediately? Simply getting someone in there a month sooner than you thought could get you an extra $1500 that otherwise was lost. We can help make it happen.

We’ll Find You Good Tenants

How do you find a good tenant? It’s harder than you might think. Getting the wrong person as a renter could cause you an incredible about of headaches in the future, as well as a great deal of money if they end up damaging your home in some horrible way.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to make sure you’re getting good tenants in your rental home. While there’s never any guarantee that something horrible won’t happen, using a property management company to find the right people can take a huge amount of risk away.

We’ll Handle Your Rental Property Management!

Those are far from the only ways that we can save you money, and we’ll be back next month to detail some more. But if we’ve convinced you, be sure to contact us so that you can get the right tenant in a quickly as possible.