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When you trust a property management company to take care of your properties and investments, they will have a huge range of responsibilities. One of the main things that they take care of, however, is dealing with homeowners association (HOA). When you need high-quality property management in Fort Collins you can always trust the team at Faith Property Management. Learn more about our HOA services here, and contact our team today to discover how we can help you.

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HOA Governance

The first aspect of HOAs that a property management company will take care of is the governance. This includes board meeting preparation, processing requests, and monthly inspections of the neighborhoods. When there are violations by the residents, your property management company can help to resolve the issues or provide notice to homeowners out of compliance.

HOA Management

An HOA is difficult to manage, and can require plenty of day-to-day work. Along with monthly and annual checkups, the property management company can help the HOA by maintaining lines of communication between homeowners, providing emergency services, and responding to requests by residents in a timely manner. The property management company will also coordinate with staff, sub-contractors, and vendors to ensure proper care of the HOA at all times.

HOA Fiscal Management

One final piece of the HOA puzzle that your property management company can handle is the fiscal side. This means checking lockboxes daily for payments, processing payments via ACH, check, credit card, and debit cards. There are also monthly financial reports that will be updated and posted for necessary parties.

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