Boulder is one of the most coveted places to work and live in the entirety of Colorado…and the prices prove it! If you own rental property in Boulder or have a home in an HOA neighborhood, you’re one of the lucky ones. People really want to live in Boulder, both adults and students, and that means that property is in constant demand.

Of course, owning property brings with it problems that citizens of Boulder just don’t want to deal with. Faith Property Management is ready to take these tasks off your plate so that you can enjoy our fine city a bit more.

Boulder HOA Management

When most new neighborhoods are built, there are homeowners left and right who are interested in being on the board. Unfortunately, most of those homeowners quickly find that being on an HOA board is considerably more difficult — not to mention awkward — than they thought it would be.

Being on an HOA board brings with it a host of problems. Many people discover that trying to talk to their neighbors about violations is awkward at best and destructive at worst. And unless there’s a lawyer on the board who’s willing to work pro bono in order to collect late dues, HOA boards often find that they don’t have any “teeth.” It doesn’t take long for most homeowners association boards to pass off the bulk of the duties to an HOA property management company.

Faith Property Management offers an extensive list of options when it comes to association management service. We’ll take care of collecting and posting dues, board meeting facilitation, covenant violations, neighborhood inspections, green space maintenance, and much more.

Boulder Property Management

Do you own property in Boulder but don’t want to deal with the problems of being a landlord? More and more people are starting to realize just how lucrative renting out their property can be, whether they keep their first house, buy a second one, or invest in an apartment building.

Faith Property Maintenance can handle everything that involves property management. From finding you renters to doing background checks on them, collecting rent to fixing problems with the property, we can completely handle your rental property management needs. Find out more about our services here.

Boulder Property Maintenance

Sprinkler systems break. Lawns need mowing. Fences are kicked in by vandals. Whether these happen at a single-family dwelling or at an HOA green space, there needs to be a single number to call in order to fix these problems.

At Faith, we can handle all of these problems and more. Whether you are a property owner or head of the HOA, you really don’t want to get every phone call when something goes wrong on a property. Let us take care of it for you.

Faith Property Management is Here For You

If you’re tired of dealing with problems — HOA or rental — don’t give up! Faith is here to make your life easier, and the entire process can be much simpler than you might imagine. Contact us with questions or to take advantage of any of the services we mentioned above.