As Northern Colorado grows, Johnstown is certainly keeping up! Whether you’re talking about the actual town of Johnstown or the many neighborhoods throughout the municipality, Johnstown seems to be growing in just about every direction.

As bigger neighborhoods are built, more people are moving into HOA-managed areas in Johnstown. Not only that, but they might keep their home in the cities — such as Fort Collins and Loveland — to rent out even as they move to Johnstown. Here’s how Faith Property Management is helping them in their new home and their old.

Johnstown HOA Management Services

HOAs often start off strong, especially if they’re led by a volunteer group of homeowners. After all, people are proud of their new homes (and the neighborhood as a whole), and they want to make sure that people are keeping up the standards as set in the covenants.

But after a few years, interest in taking care of HOA responsibilities often wains. Homeowners start to realize just how difficult it is to be on the board. Not only do they have to deal with meetings and paperwork, but they also have to deal with people who aren’t keeping up with the covenants. Most homeowners just aren’t willing to be the “bad guy” when it comes to their neighbors, even if it means keeping the neighborhood looking good.

That’s where homeowners association management services like Faith Property Management comes in. We can take the bulk of HOA management duties from the homeowners, including meeting facilitation, dues collection, and covenant enforcement. If the HOA doesn’t want to do it, we’ll step in and keep things in order.

Johnstown Property Management

With property values on the rise all along the Front Range, many people will sell their homes outright when they move into a new home. After all, they might have paid $200,000 for their old home and can sell it for $300,000. That amount of money can be very tempting to take in one lump sum by simply selling.

But more and more homeowners are deciding to work with property management companies to turn their homes into rentals. After all, when your home becomes a rental you can charge upwards of $1,500 a month, plus you get to keep the property to sell in the future! It’s really the best of both worlds, because the rental property management company will take care of everything: marketing your property, vetting renters, and collecting rent are all handled when you work with Faith. We can even deal with middle-of-the-night maintenance issues. And speaking of which…

Johnstown Property Maintenance

When you choose to work with Faith Property Management, you no longer have to worry about property maintenance. That’s true whether you’re part of a homeowners association or are utilizing us as your rental property management services. With HOAs, we’ll take care of green spaces and public areas that no one else wants to deal with. When it comes to renting out your house, we can take care of all upkeep, including emergency situations that you’d rather not be woken up about.

The most you have to do when there’s an issue with your property is put up your hands and say “not my problem!”

Faith Takes Care of Johnstown!

Whether you need us for HOA management or to rent out your Johnstown property, Faith Property Management is here to help. Contact us today to find out more!