Longmont was the first city in Boulder County designed as a planned community, and as it has grown, city developers have encouraged expansion with thoughtful preparation and a forward-thinking mindset. With unique features like historic buildings, city parks, bike trails, and municipal golf courses, there are a host of reasons people are attracted to the area. In fact, Longmont regularly ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Longmont HOA Property Management Services

Longmont is developing faster than ever before. Desirable shops and restaurants popping up all the time, bringing a certain level of refinement to a community that before appealed primarily to the sensibilities of locals. This shift toward encouraging tourism and diversity in the city’s population has drawn people from all around the country to claim Longmont as their new home.

Recently built neighborhoods are transforming areas of Longmont that have long been nothing more than open land. If you build it, HOAs will come, and at a growth rate as fast as Longmont’s, it can be difficult for HOA members to keep up.

That’s where we come in; Faith Property Management provides HOA property management services to make HOA workloads more reasonable. HOA duties include but are not limited to: collecting and posting dues, facilitating board meetings, addressing covenant violations, performing neighborhood inspections, and much more.

With handling the many aspects of operating and maintaining an entire neighborhood, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. HOA members are both held accountable and lambasted for the work they do. Switching between the roles of neighbor and HOA member can be difficult to master, and can prove too much for some, especially considering most HOAs are run by volunteers. There’s no reason to feel ashamed when asking for help. That is what we are here for.

When partnering with Faith Property Management, you can focus on building community in your neighborhood, rather than policing your neighbors to pay required fees and follow HOA guidelines. Spearhead the development of a playground for the local youth, keep landscaping clean and trim, verify garbage and recycling is collected in a timely manner, and organize monthly gatherings to encourage engagement and friendship among your neighbors. Everyone will remember the work you did on their behalves. Leave everything else to us.

Longmont Rental Property Management Services

Across the entire nation, the real estate market is exploding with rental properties. People are choosing to rent out their homes rather than sell them as a lucrative way of paying off the initial investments on the property. Should they choose to sell at some point down the line, that option remains on the table. For the time being, they are pocketing passive income every month from renters looking for flexible living situations.

Longmont’s central location within the state makes it a prime location for people commuting to other cities in Colorado. From Fort Collins to Denver, most cities in the Front Range Corridor are easily accessed in little more than an hour.

With the University of Colorado Boulder just a half-hour drive from Longmont city limits, an overflow of college students has driven a demand for rental properties; the response in rental availability has been abundant and fruitful. Real estate prices, while climbing, are significantly lower than the city of Boulder, which make rental properties in Longmont highly appealing.

College students are often unreliable when paying fees and may disregard the abuse they inflict on rental properties. Managing them in a firm yet professional way can be a fine line to straddle. Whether or not your tenant is a college student, it doesn’t make a difference. By hiring a property management business to handle rental relations can be an effective way for you to avoid awkward interactions and direct conflict with renters.

Faith Property Management is such a business. We pride ourselves in providing professional rental property management services so you don’t have to worry about them. We work with your property from beginning to end, handling the marketing of your property, vetting renters, and collecting monthly payments. All you have to do is cash the check and watch your earnings grow.

Longmont Property Maintenance Services

At Faith Property Management, we go a step further than helping you manage your property. We also offer exceptional property maintenance services to both HOAs and private landlords, so that you know your property is always at its best.

In addition to personal properties, public areas also require regular upkeep. Swimming pools and playgrounds, green spaces and dog parks — every communal space is likely to encounter the greatest wear and tear. We can make sure that everything is up to standard so that all residents can continue to enjoy these amenities while living in your community.

While Faith Property Management excels at keeping everything working at its best, we also address problems such as home equipment failures and emergency situations with appropriate concern and agility.

Don’t get bogged down with day-to-day demands and unforeseen circumstances. Reach out to professionals who are up to the task and reclaim your life.

Taking Care of Longmont’s Property Needs

For over 30 years, Faith Property Management has given first-class property management services to Northern Colorado. Whether you are looking for HOA management or are interested in entering the rental property market, we can guide you through the process of transitioning your workload to professionals who specialize in property management services. Let Faith Property Management take on the challenge. We have the tools and expertise you need, so call today.