Loveland is a lovely community, no doubt about it. Like most of the Front Range, property prices have risen considerably in the last decade. People are moving to Loveland because they want that small-town feel while still having access to the amenities of the surrounding communities of Northern Colorado.

With so many people wanting to live in Loveland, it’s created a slew of needs in the housing industry. Faith Property is ready to help.

Loveland Property Management

With the price of houses rising, many people are holding onto their first home when they upgrade to their new one. Not only are they able to make money every month from the rental, but the price of their home continues to rise as their house becomes more desirable.

Of course, few people want to deal with the problems that come from having renters. They have no interest in finding the right renters in the first place or doing background checks on them. And when renters complain about the heat going out in the middle of the night, few homeowners want to answer the phone.

That’s where our property management company comes in. We’ll deal with vetting renters, collecting rent, handling the property maintenance, and more. Basically, we’ll take care of everything that the homeowner themselves would rather not deal with.

Loveland HOA Management

With every new neighborhood comes an HOA, and with every new HOA comes a board that quickly tires of dealing with HOA problems!

Homeowners associations can be a great way to ensure that people will adhere to rules that keep the neighborhood looking nice. But those on the board soon run into problems, such as dues collection and covenant enforcement. HOA boards are often viewed as having no “teeth,” and few of them want to press the issue when it’s their neighbors they’re dealing with.

That’s when homeowners association management companies are called. When we’re hired, it’s our duty to know the covenants and enforce them. Not only that, but we’ll handle architectural reviews as well to ensure that proposed house colors and additions are allowed. We’ll also deal with dues collection and write the appropriate letters that encourage people to pay.

Loveland Property Maintenance

Whether you need the HOA greenspace taken care of or are looking for rental property maintenance on a home or apartment building, Faith Property Management can take care of it. We can perform required maintenance on sprinkler systems, mow the lawn, and repair fences in HOA common spaces. We’ll also tackle repairs to rental properties and deal with the maintenance complaints of the tenants. Sit back and relax…Faith’s got this!

We’ll Take Care of Your Property!

Whether you represent yourself or an entire HOA board, Faith Property Management is ready to take on the tasks that you’re not interested in. From single-family homes to apartments, we’ll be your property management company. And if your HOA has 25 houses or 300, we’ll lift the burden from your shoulders. Click here to contact us with questions!