Originally founded as a trading post between western Weld County and eastern Larimer County, Milliken has had a rocky history trying to establish itself as a hub for industry. Looking at the development of cities like Denver and Chicago, citizens were concerned that too much growth might compromise the quality of life they had come to appreciate. Due to this, agriculture and railroads were the main economic focus for the town.

The next few decades were hard on the community. Wildfires destroyed several homes and commercial buildings. This, paired with certain legal struggles faced by railroad contractors, would inevitably lead to the destruction of manufacturing plants that were a large source of revenue for many residents. The Great Depression and World War II treated the struggling community no better, wiping out jobs and later pulling men overseas to fight in the military.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Milliken finally started to pull ahead. Efforts to ship crops via railroads began to gain traction, particularly with potatoes and alfalfa. By the 1960s, the hippie zeitgeist brought travelers looking for a simpler way of life than big cities had to offer. This invigorated Milliken’s local economy, leading to a variety of positive developments the town had desperately needed. School populations grew, the town established its first fire district, and water from the Little Thompson River was successfully distributed to residents.

Paved roads and government growth would soon follow, and as the years went on, Milliken continued to change in ways that attracted more and more people to call the city home.

Milliken HOA Property Management Services

Today, Milliken has finally reached a place that its original settlers dreamed of. The population is still small when compared to surrounding communities, but as more people catch on to why Milliken residents are so happy, it’s only a matter of time before we see those numbers rise.

Milliken’s nine parks, two lakes, and one beautiful golf course keep residents active outdoors, and the city hosts a variety of special events and festivals throughout the year. The picturesque historic district beckons congregation, and residents regularly find time to socialize at local restaurants and quaint cafés.

It’s no wonder that some seek the charm of living in a tight-knit community where cowboys still roam and a simpler way of life is observed. The town is growing, however, at a rate that’s faster than ever before. New neighborhoods are appearing all the time to meet a demand that is only expected to grow. These newer developments are often run by a homeowners association (HOA) to manage the ins and outs of keeping these living communities comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

To do this, HOAs are responsible for a host of tasks. Board meetings need to be regularly scheduled, dues have to be collected, and covenant violations have to be enforced. What can make the job challenging is that board members are often neighbors to the very people they oversee. Serving as an authority figure always has its fair share of criticisms, which is unfortunate because the majority of HOA members volunteer for the position.

There is a solution to remove HOA members from these difficulties, and it can even make the day-to-day workloads more manageable: hire Faith Property Management for support. We have provided exceptional HOA property management services for over 30 years to Northern Colorado, establishing ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Don’t let HOA responsibilities get in the way of building a sense of community. Your main focus should be on initiatives that everyone will appreciate. By keeping public spaces clean, making sure that garbage and recycling are picked up in a timely manner, and organizing monthly gatherings to encourage engagement among neighbors, we guarantee you will enjoy your position as an HOA member better and enjoy life in Milliken even more.

Milliken Rental Property Management

As a rental market, Milliken has the advantage of being right in the heart of Northern Colorado’s burgeoning real estate market. With easy access to Greeley, Johnstown, Berthoud, Loveland, and the Denver International Airport, there is great potential in providing rental properties to young professionals who commute and travel for business.

With Greeley only a short 20 minutes away, another strong market for rental properties is college students attending The University of Northern Colorado. That being said, as these students transition from their teenage years into adulthood, many just haven’t developed the responsibilities that go along with that.

Tenants who pay their bills on time and care for the places they reside are important to landlords, but it can be difficult to hold young people to assume responsibility for their actions when they still have so much to learn.

Whether you rent to college students, newlyweds, or a single family, you need to be able to hold renters accountable for the responsibilities agreed upon. This is where a company like Faith Property Managers can help. Our rental property management services make it so you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches and concerns that go along with owning a rental property. We handle everything: the marketing of your home, the vetting of tenants, and the collection of monthly fees.

Don’t be concerned about entering your property into the rental market anymore. It is a lucrative way to earn passive income to offset the initial investment you made on the property. When it’s all said in done, you may even have extra profits to stow away in your savings account. Faith Property Management makes it easy for you to accomplish this goal worry-free.

Milliken Property Maintenance

For an even more hands-off experience in managing properties, let Faith Property management take care of all your maintenance needs. Our property maintenance services include everything from providing pool cleaning, mechanical tune-ups, and landscaping to emergency scenarios. No matter the issue, we are here to help.

People want to feel the place they live in is somewhere special. There’s no better way to do that than keeping your property sparkling fresh and valuing your residents’ maintenance needs. Turn to Faith Property Management. We stand by the work we do because of the feedback our customers provide.

Taking Care of Milliken Property Needs

At Faith Property Management, we believe in improving the lives of property managers because we know how hard the work they do really is. It can take a toll and keep them from achieving their goals. We can’t stand the idea of people abandoning their ambitions, so we have perfected the business of managing HOA and private properties so that all our customers feel comfortable in releasing their responsibilities to us.

Our expertise is built off of years of experience in providing property management services to Northern Colorado, and we are excited to carry on that mission as Milliken continues to grow. Call us today to discuss the prospect of improving the management of your property. We are here for you.