Not long ago, Wellington was “that little town north of Fort Collins that doesn’t have much going on.” But thanks to rising property values and an influx of people all along the Front Range, Wellington has become a popular place to buy a house, especially when compared to what it costs to live in surrounding communities. 

Wellington is growing quickly, as more people want — or need — to live in affordable housing in Northern Colorado. This means that more neighborhoods are being built, while existing houses are turning into rentals. Faith Property Management is here to help with both of these situations, making people’s lives easier every day.

Wellington Rental Property Management

If you own a home in Wellington and are moving away, moving up, or downsizing, you pretty much have two choices: sell it outright, or keep it as a rental. At first, selling it sounds like a good deal, considering how property values have risen over the last decade. But if you do that, you realize the profit just once; rent it out and you can have an income for the rest of your life.

Of course, most people balk at the idea of being landlords. They think that it’s too complex a process, and they don’t want to have to deal with everything that a landlord has to deal with. They’re simply not interested in having to get up in the middle of the night when a tenant calls to say that the water heater isn’t working.

That’s where Wellington rental property managers come in. We’ll handle everything you don’t want to if you decide to keep your home and turn it into a rental. That means we’ll market it to find potential renters, do background checks, collect rent, and deal with the emergencies you don’t want to. Learn more about rental management right here.

Wellington HOA Management Services

With every new neighborhood that springs up comes a new homeowners association. At first, many homeowners are perfectly happy being part of the board. They’re proud of their new neighborhood and want to make sure that everyone adheres to the covenants.

But after a few years, interest in the HOA drops off. People get too busy to attend the meetings, or they don’t like the idea of having to confront neighbors about rules that are being broken. That’s when many HOAs end up calling Faith to become their HOA management company. We have multiple tiers of community association management in order to support HOAs, including meeting planning, neighborhood inspections, dues collection, service requests, financial reporting, and more. 

Wellington Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is something that both rental properties and HOAs need. Faith Property Management can take care of a property we manage, including interior and exterior upkeep and landscaping. We’ll also make sure that HOA-owned greenspace mowing is taken care of, as well as sprinkler repair. We’re all about making everyone’s lives easier!

Faith Is Here To Help

Whether you’re interested in turning over HOA duties to a management company or renting out a Wellington home that you own, Faith is ready to take over the duties you’re not interested in handling. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote!