When you think about it, homeowners associations were designed to govern themselves. It was simply a way to ensure that the people in a particular neighborhood would adhere to certain standards in order to keep the entire area looking clean and uniform. There was little need for HOA management when a small group of volunteers could keep everything in check.

But homeowners associations have gotten more and more complex over the decades. Where they were once just a set of a few rules to be followed in order to keep the neighborhood looking nice, the average homeowners association rulebook is now 100 pages or more. With that complexity comes problems, and the average homeowner who happily — or reluctantly — joined the board quickly get disillusioned. Why are volunteer boards turning to professional HOA managers? Let’s find out.

The Volunteer Board Has No Teeth

One of the most common reasons that homeowners hand off responsibilities to an HOA property management company is that they feel that they have no power over violators in the neighborhood. They see people violating an HOA rule, write a letter, and then fail to see any results. They write a more firm letter, only to see nothing come of it. They write a threatening letter, see no results, and then just throw up their arms in frustration.

Technically, the board does have power but is often reluctant to use it. As board members and neighbors, they often don’t want to be the “bad guys.”

As an HOA management company, we have no problems being the “bad guys.” While we’ll always treat everyone with respect, we don’t have to worry about a violating neighbor giving us the side-eye simply because we called them regarding an HOA violation.

The Volunteer Board Can’t Get Anything Done

Not everyone on an HOA board gets along. While you might be able to open your garage door and close it before an annoying neighbor comes around, you can’t ignore them if you’re both on the board.


Like politics, everyone is going to have a different view when it comes to how an HOA should be run. Some people want to be more strict, some people more lenient. Let’s admit it, some people are there just to argue! With so many competing voices, the board can’t get anything done and it’s just everyone voicing their opinions for too many hours. It’s no wonder they call association management services. 

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The Volunteer Board Gives Up

When the frustrations just won’t stop, many volunteer boards simply give up. After arguing with neighbors, getting nowhere, and hearing every possible interpretation of the HOA bylaws, members of the board fall away one by one. Taking care of an HOA is a big job, and few people are up to it. That’s where an HOA management company comes in. We’ll handle all of the stuff that other people don’t want to deal with, and we won’t quit!

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